Posted by: Raffaele Spinelli | April 24, 2014

Studying GraphWalker

Last week, I decide it was time to change my way of testing Web Applications. Recently, I have heard of graphwalker, that seems to be a powerful tool so I decide to give it a try.
I really like to always have the latest version, so I checkout the latest version of code from their server.

git clone

But Maven fails to build the project when I run mvn test.
The error is raised because of a missing jar:

If you incur in this error, you just have to fire up your preferred editor and edit the pom file.
Just add these repository to download the missing jar.

      <url> </url>

Rerun Maven and everything should be fine.
A modified version containing the repository is available here: pom.xml
Next weekend I’ll try to write down some example too.


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