My academic work concerned Privacy Awareness, Benchmarking and Social Graph Analysis.
A tool I’ve been working on is NoTrace, a privacy awareness Add-on for Mozilla Firefox, reviewed and available on the Mozilla Add-on’s Page.


  • An effective corpus-based question answering pipeline for italian, 05 2018.
  • Privacy as a proxy for green web browsing: Methodology and experimentation. Computer Networks, 126:81–99, 2017.
  • Towards a framework for closed-domain question answering in italian. SITIS -16, pages 604–611, 2016.
  • Mobile phone batteries draining: Is green web browsing the solution?
    2014 International Green Computing Conference (IGCC)
  • How increased awareness can impact attitudes and behaviors toward online privacy protection. Proceedings of PASSAT2013 (Winner of the best paper awards)
  • Privacy awareness about information leakage: Who knows what about me? Proceedings of Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society, 2013


  • A Novel Intermediary Framework for Dynamic Edge Service Composition.  International Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 27(2): 281–297 Mar. 2012
  • COCOMAPS: a web application to analyze and visualize contacts at the interface of biomolecular complexes. Bioinformatics 27 (20): 2915-2916 (2011)
  • Impact of privacy awareness on attitudes and behaviors online. Science Journal – ASE, 2013
  • Text and (social) network analysis as investigative tools: A case study. Special issue on “Law and Computational Social Science”, 2013

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